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​12 types of modern man bags

The man bag has been reborn due to necessity. Men are carrying man backs for all sorts of reasons today – for work, school, to carry their essentials, look more fashionable, etc. given the many uses of the modern man back today I think it’s necessary to update our list of the kinds of bags men carry. So here is a quick graphic and summary.

  • The briefcase – this is the bag your dad carried. Designed for the 9-to-5 man, this roomy bag is perfect for daily office essentials such as laptop, portfolio, magazines, pens and papers. It comes in either soft or hard shell and geared primarily to protect the cargo. It normally sports a heavy carry handle as caring by hand is the preferred form of transport. Today’s briefcases or attaché cases as theirs called, are looking less like our fathers and more like a bag weepy prior to carry on the weekends as well.
  • The tote – the tote is a softer longer bag usually made of soft leather or canvas. Its strength is large tote handles and a wide and deep open mouth. This gives the bag easy access and finding your things forward daily on the move shopping or weekend activities.
  • The messenger bag – the messenger bag is typically what people think of when they hear “man bag”. It comes in the most different types of forms and function, but typically is characterized by the rectangular or boxy soft bag with large over flat. It gets its name from the past use as a male carrying bag worn across the body. It is a favorite bag by students, cyclists, general commuters, and now even as a carry-on bag. It sports a long shoulder strap sometimes with a grip pad. This bag is normally worn across the body or over the shoulder.
  • The duffel – the duffel bag is a large soft bag used to carry items for longer trips. It is a heavy-duty bag typically made of canvas, leather, or nylon. It is characterized by a oversized main compartment with top zipper closure sometimes extended to allow easier access. This bag is usually associated with the old military duffel bag because it is sometimes used for extended travels. This is the largest man bag.
  • The weekender – the weekender is a smaller than duffel bag larger than most other bags. As the name implies, it is used for weekend length trips. This bag is usually a soft bag with roomy cargo space and large top opening with zipper. It is also characterized by heavy dual tote handles. This bag comes with an optional shoulder strap in most cases.
  • The barrel – the barrel bag is similar to a weekend or duffel bag except its main compartment is shaped like a barrel. It is a soft bag made of canvas or leather or nylon with oversized tote handles and a top zippered opening. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap. This is a bag commonly used for the gym or short excursions.
  • The sack – the sack is a minimalist bag. It is made of soft cloth or nylon to keep it light. It typically has a drawstring opening, one compartment, and then or string like shoulder straps that allow it to be carried as a backpack. These bags are perfect for quick shopping trips or the need to carry something very small. They are also great as half-day bags that can be stuffed into luggage or even a weekend back.
  • The backpack – the backpack has been around since the Neanderthal. It is simply a bag with shoulder straps. Today’s backpacks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and uses. But the main characteristic is the bag is to be worn on the back supported by shoulder straps. These bags have evolved substantially in the last 50 years. Now backpacks, and all sorts of varieties such as military tactical, fashionable leather, retro canvas, and minimalist. Newer versions of the backpack include a convertible&. These new styles can be switched between backpack or single shoulder strap bag.
  • The bowling – this bag looks like a bowling bag. Made of semi-stiff material such as heavy canvas or thick leather, this bag is made to be strong and sturdy. It normally sports to oversized tote handles and a large zippered opening with wide mouth. This bag is ideal when you need protection for your heavier items.
  • The satchel – the satchel is a smaller bag made of leather or canvas usually. It is the bag that has become more popular due to its smaller size. It’s also one of the more fashionable types of bags you can find today. These bags came from the need to carry the modern-day essentials such as phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses. This bag is typically just big enough to carry a small tablet but small enough to not the obtrusive or heavy. These bags calm in zipper top or flap cover and large shoulder strap that is normally worn over the shoulder or across the body. Bigger phones and electronic devices have pushed the popularity of this bag in recent years. When most people think of man bag, this is what comes to mind.
  • The Fanny pack – the Fanny back is a bag that is made of canvas or leather with a ergonomic shape designed to be worn around the waist. Like the satchel, this pack has become more popular due to the need to carry our phones, keys, cash. It is a convenient bag sometimes light on looks. As those who wear a Fanny pack will attest, this bag makes it very easy to access your items as their perched just under your waist.
  • The Murse – the murse a word created by combining purseand man or “man purse”. Sometimes used as a pejorative term, the Murse has ironically created much awareness of today’s modern man needing more cargo options. That said, the murse normally refers to a bag more fashion or feminine qualities. These bags are normally smaller like the satchel with emphasis on looks over utility.

And that’s it! These are the bags we normally see in today’s world. But like any need in changing times, the man bag will continue to evolve. All the bags mentioned here are transforming and looking more similar to one another every year. This is a good thing. As you move into the future with our changing needs to carry more types of items for more types of travel, the man bag will continue to adapt and rise to the challenge. Long live the man bag!

Men's Fashion Advice is all in the Bag - The Man's Bag

Maybe women were right after all these years. Carrying stuff in a purse is much, much easier than stuffing everything in your pants pockets. I know I don't have enough room to carry the whole lot of items I use daily such as cell phones and laptops, to keys and wallets. Men have a lot of things to haul around sometimes. That may be one of the reasons why men everywhere are beginning to copy women and carrying around men's bags for all that "stuff".

Forget about that antiquated notion that carrying a bag is just for women and a fancy way of saying carrying a purse. What do you think that briefcase of yours is? If briefcases are ok for men to carry around then there should be no reason why other bags with classic elements, like messenger bags, can't be an accepted accessories for today's modern man. Here are a few of the most popular, classic bag styles that can be mixed and matched with both business and casual wardrobes.

Briefcase - When it comes to acceptable handbags for men, there is no other more famous that the good old briefcase. The briefcases used today are a far-cry from the ones used by our fathers and grandfathers. These new briefcases are no longer boxy shaped and don't have those sharp corners but use a more rounded edge. They still employ the use of buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments making this bag a staple for the working-man's wardrobe.

Messenger bag - The slick looking messenger bag was designed and modeled after the bags traditionally carried messengers throughout history. They are normally made from a canvas material and worn swung across your shoulder. These bags have become a big part of urban fashion. The men's messenger bag has a laidback style to go with a classic, casual flair, while the leather messenger tote screams uptown sophistication.

Holdall - A real man of travel needs to own a holdall for those exciting weekend getaways or out of state business trips. What was once considered big and bulky has become transformed into a sleek and stylish carryall. The design for these bags was inspired by the duffel bag believe it or not. Now thanks to a largely leather exterior and more refined appearance it took on more of a classic look than a practical one.

Tote - The tote is this generations take on the classic briefcase. It closely resembles an artisan's bag with the maximum in casual business attire. It has a pretty basic design with soft leather exterior giving it that classic look. It employs the use of long handles giving it an edge of contemporary. This kind of man's bag will add a touch of casual masculinity to any casual work wear.

Newsboy bag - The newsboy bag is one of those classic styles that are forever timeless. It is almost synonymous with men's casual wear. Similar to s messenger bag's style, its traditional exterior of canvas gives it less formality than a messenger bag. The newsboy bag is great for students and workers on the go, leaving a fashion statement mark on anyone who sees it.

7 Things Highly Productive People Do

Thanks to Ilya Pozin for these great tips on productivity. 

You probably don’t want to admit it but you love distractions. In fact, just like monkeys, you get a shot of dopamine every time something pulls you in another direction. Why do you think you check your email so much?

Want to be more productive and get your focus back? There are no secret tricks here… do one thing at a time. Stop multitasking—it’s just another form of distraction.

Easier said than done, I know.

Recently I sat down with Tony Wong, a project management blackbelt whose client list includes Toyota, Honda, and Disney, to name a few. He’s an expert in keeping people on task, so I thought he’d be a good person to ask.

Here are his tips for staying productive:

  1. Work backwards from goals to milestones to tasks. Writing “launch company website” at the top of your to-do list is a sure way to make sure you never get it done. Break down the work into smaller and smaller chunks until you have specific tasks that can be accomplished in a few hours or less: Sketch a wireframe, outline an introduction for the homepage video, etc. That’s how you set goals and actually succeed in crossing them off your list.
  2. Stop multi-tasking. No, seriously—stop. Switching from task to task quickly does not work. In fact, changing tasks more than 10 times in a day makes you dumber than being stoned. When you’re stoned, your IQ drops by five points. When you multitask, it drops by an average of 10 points, 15 for men, five for women (yes, men are three times as bad at multitasking than women). 
  3. Be militant about eliminating distractions. Lock your door, put a sign up, turn off your phone, texts, email, and instant messaging. In fact, if you know you may sneak a peek at your email, set it to offline mode, or even turn off your Internet connection. Go to a quiet area and focus on completing one task.
  4. Schedule your email. Pick two or three times during the day when you’re going to use your email. Checking your email constantly throughout the day creates a ton of noise and kills your productivity.
  5. Use the phone. Email isn’t meant for conversations. Don’t reply more than twice to an email. Pick up the phone instead. 
  6. Work on your own agenda. Don’t let something else set your day. Most people go right to their emails and start freaking out. You will end up at inbox-zero, but accomplish nothing. After you wake up, drink water so you rehydrate, eat a good breakfast to replenish your glucose, then set prioritized goals for the rest of your day. 
  7. Work in 60 to 90 minute intervals. Your brain uses up more glucose than any other bodily activity. Typically you will have spent most of it after 60-90 minutes. (That’s why you feel so burned out after super long meetings.) So take a break: Get up, go for a walk, have a snack, do something completely different to recharge. And yes, that means you need an extra hour for breaks, not including lunch, so if you’re required to get eight hours of work done each day, plan to be there for 9.5-10 hours

More men are asking for Man Bags this Holiday Season!

If you want to give a perfect gift to your boyfriend then it is just awesome to get man shoulder bag because it is very useful for him. You should keep in mind that the bag you choose must be made of high quality material and you can freely use it in your routine life. There are different kinds of leather bags that are available in the market and you can get the bag of your own choice. Man shoulder bag can be used for various purposes because it is versatile in use. These bags are not very heavy in weight and you can easily carry them with you without facing any problem. 

You can keep your important books, documents and even your precious gadgets in this kind of bag. There are many things that are needed by men in order to fulfill their daily requirements. It is not possible to hold all the important things of routine use in your hand and travel from one place to another. If you are also looking for the best leather bag in order to fulfill your requirements then man shoulder bag can be a helping-hand for you. If you have to travel from one place to another for business purpose then having some durable man shoulder bag should be your first priority. 

Whenever you want to purchase any man shoulder bag then you should keep in mind that it is should have sufficient capacity for keeping maximum things. Whenever you go to attend some important function then you must have a leather bag with attractive looks. There is no need to wander here and there in search of some durable man shoulder bag because you can get it at your door-step. Invention of internet has revolutionized this world and there are hundreds of websites that are offering the online shopping to the general public. Now every common man can easily get his/her desired products or services without going to different markets. 
Similarly, if you are willing to buy a stylish man shoulder bag then you can contact to some trustworthy online shopping source. It must have a long strap that can help you in adjusting the bag on your shoulder without facing any problem. Man shoulder bag is perfect for the business use because you can keep your important papers and other things in it. The zipper pocket of man shoulder bag provides maximum utility to the users. 

7 Types of Modern Man Bags

Any man of fashion knows that bags have become a necessary tool and style accessory. No longer seen as solely a woman’s item, men’s bags are masculine, attractive and ideal additions to any contemporary wardrobe. If you would like to dabble in the wide world of men’s bags, but don’t quite know which one would suit your needs best, heed this advice: Stick with a classic type of men's bag, and you can’t go wrong. The following are seven types of men's bags that can be easily mixed and matched with your business and casual wardrobes. 

1. Briefcase

813fukizl8l.-sl1500-.jpgBriefcases are probably the oldest form of “acceptable” bags for men. Modern-day briefcases, however, have evolved a great deal since the days of your father’s sharp-cornered case. They’re no longer boxy; in fact, that’s about the only traditional element discarded in the modern briefcase. The classic shape (without the sharp corners), buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments help make this bag a timeless addition to any working-man’s wardrobe.

Carry with: Business attire




2. Messenger bag

219216-2-1-1-.jpgAptly named, the messenger bag is designed after the bags traditionally carried throughout history by -- whom else? -- messengers. Often made from canvas and swung across the body, messenger bags have taken on a whole new meaning in urban fashion. From students with canvas bags to urban hipsters with modern leather, the messenger’s laid-back style will always have a classic casual flair, but today’s leather messenger tote also exudes a hint of uptown sophistication.

Carry with:  Hip street clothes




 3. Carryalls


Any traveling man needs a holdall for those weekend jaunts or three-day business trips. Big, bulky luggage has transformed into sleek, stylish carryalls (or holdalls). Its design is inspired by the duffel bag, but its predominantly leather exterior and more refined appearance attribute a classic look to this practical tote.

Carry with: Casual weekend wear, business-casual attire

Three more types of men's bags to add to your wardrobe…



4. Vertical Messenger


A more square version of the messenger bag, a camera bag is a longer rectangular bag that is meant to be strapped across the shoulders. Convenient for tourists, but good for any man on the go, a camera bag is a discreet but severely stylish way to lug around your belongings. What makes the camera bag stand out as a classic men's bag is its ability to bring a touch of masculinity to an outfit, even if it is hanging from your shoulder. It’s a simple style with a whole lot of function.

Carry with: Leisure wear




5. Tote


A tote is the modern approach to the classic briefcase. Resembling an artisan’s bag, the tote is the utmost in casual business attire. Its basic design and usual soft leather exterior gives it a classic status, while its long handles give it a contemporary edge. If purchased in a chocolate brown or black, this bag can add a touch of laid-back masculinity to any casual work wear.

Carry with: Business-casual clothes





6. Newsboy bag


Like the advent of the newsboy cap, the newsboy bag is a classic style that has become synonymous with men’s casual wear. It’s similar to the messenger bag’s style, but its traditional canvas exterior makes it a little less formal than the latter. This bag style is perfect for the student on the go, as it makes a fashion statement and exudes more masculinity and style savvy than a backpack.

Carry with: Campus-chic wear




7. Hobo bag


Like the advent of the newsboy cap, the newsboy bag is a classic style that has become synonymous with men’s casual wear. It’s similar to the messenger bag’s style, but its traditional canvas exterior makes it a little less formal than the latter. This bag style is perfect for the student on the go, as it makes a fashion statement and exudes more masculinity and style savvy than a backpack.

Carry with: Campus-chic wear




It’s in the bag

Throw out the old idea that bags are for women and get with the fashion-forward times. While classic bags like briefcases are still around, other bags with classic elements, like the messenger bag, are becoming almost necessary accessories for today’s modern man.

Top 5 Uses of the Man Bag today
  1. Courier bag: One of the most obvious uses for messenger bags is as courier bags for bicycle or foot messengers. They provide a quick and efficient way of getting deliveries where they need to go. Consider using one for your business or job if you have small deliveries that need to be made and it would be quicker to do so without an automobile. Canvas messenger bags are ideal for this situation. Small messenger bags make great courier bags if you have only a few samples to show or small packages to deliver because you can get the job done without straining your shoulder.

  2. Mail bag: You've probably seen your mail carrier using a large messenger bag to deliver the mail. They help keep the mail together and can hold a lot. Follow the postman's lead and use a similar bag yourself to hold and organize the papers you regularly carry. Leather messenger bags are a classic option, as are black messenger bags.

  3. School bag: Students in high school and college can use messenger bags for carrying their books, notebooks, binders and other school supplies. The easy-to-access flap top allows for quick insertion and extraction, and most messenger bags have multiple compartments, small pockets and organizers, too. Canvas messenger bags make great school bags because they are very durable. Along the same lines, leather messenger bags can even be used around the office if you don't want to carry a bulky briefcase or portfolio.

  4. Laptop bag: Messenger bags make ideal laptop bags because they allow you to take your portable device on the go without too much fuss. Just sling a laptop messenger bag over your shoulder and you're ready to travel with your technological tools. Look for laptop messenger bags with thick foam padding to protect your computer; laptop bags with removable laptop sleeves are even better because you get protection inside and outside your messenger bag.

  5. Diaper bag: A small messenger bag can be a great help for parents. There are even messenger bags with compartments designed specifically for carrying extra diapers and baby supplies, so you can keep your baby on one hip and helpful provisions on the other. Black messenger bags make especially good diaper bags becaus

Fully Loaded - Manbags booming

    By Simon Richards

    Sales of manbags are booming on the high street. Simon Chilvers talks to five men about why they love theirs - and what they carry around in it

    Gordon Richardson
    Design director for Topman

    What's in your manbag?
    BlackBerry, which has become strangely addictive, a Martin Margiela keyring, a turquoise Comme des Garçons wallet because in a black bag, being able to see it when everything is at the bottom of the bag is important. I always have a book in there, my museum passes, which are real treasures: Tate Modern, Royal Academy and Kew Gardens. An iPod and phone. I do tend to put lots of bits of paper in my bag, little notes to myself, so it has become a bit like a filing system of things I've seen and like. I have a map of New York from a recent trip and lots of loose coins - I tend to use my bag as a purse. Tom Ford sunglasses, spare glasses, Paramol, menthol tissues and a packaway umbrella. What I like is that all of these things fit in this little bag. Sometimes I even chuck in a spare pair of shoes.

    Where is your bag from?
    It's Comme. I bought it on a trip to Tokyo. Immediately I was drawn to the colour versions and then I got all practical. I didn't want to go down the statement-bag route. I have an issue carrying a bag by handles. I like to be hands-free so this worked well. It's discreet so it works with all outfits, although a backpack and a suit doesn't work so well.

    How do you feel about the term manbag?
    You don't call women's bags "womanbag", so why we have to have this terminology, I don't know. By defining it, it rather damages its appeal.

    Ekow Eshun
    Creative director of the ICA

    What's in your manbag?
    Generic stuff: leather gloves, lip balm, an iPod. A book called Nigger, which is an interesting cultural study on the word. Wallet - it's Comme des Garçons, a lovely present from my girlfriend and a great size and design. The New Yorker - it's my favourite magazine and the only one I subscribe to. Moleskin notebook - when I am walking around or on the tube I like to write down things I am thinking about.

    Where is the bag from?
    It's a Mulberry. I got it about three years ago and it is still going strong, though I have had to replace one of the clasps on it. It's pretty much the perfect bag: really comfortable to wear, soft, very light, and there is lots of space in there. It's a great design, a very grown-up bag. I get lots of comments about it because it's very difficult to find a really good bag for a man, and when I bought this, it was even harder.

    Could you cope without your bag?
    No. I'd had bags for years before they became fashionable.

    Can you judge a man by his manbag?
    Increasingly so - urban man can be divided between those with a bag, and those without. I would ask questions about a man without a bag - I don't know how he could manage.

    Conor McNicholas
    Editor of NME

    What's in your manbag?
    Unopened post, cab receipts - I spend half my life in cabs - BlackBerry, cheque book, RayBans, lighter, keys, business cards, foldaway umbrella, pencil, Snickers bar, striped mini-notebook, super-fast-acting Nurofen because you never know how bad the hangover is going to be, pen, two-way connector for my iPod, bottle opener and phone charger. My bag is a key to being able to do my job. I would like to travel light but there are so many bits that I just need to have with me. Sennheiser CX300 headphones - they are amazing, they cut out all the other sound and the bass is wonderful. God forbid I leave my iPod at home or in the office - I couldn't bear the thought of not listening to music when I'm out and about.

    Where did you get your bag?
    Selfridges. It's entirely functional. I couldn't even tell you what make it is, but it had to be leather or rubber. My bag spends a lot of time on the floor in pubs and clubs. I needed something bright, so I could find it immediately. I think there is even still some Glastonbury mud on the clasp and there are badges on the bag that I think have lasted longer than some of the bands' careers.

    How do you feel about the term manbag?
    It's really derogatory, isn't it?

    Thomas Edur
    Dancer, English National Ballet

    What's in your manbag?
    A bottle of water, a banana to have in the morning before coffee - it puts a lining in the stomach and gives a bit of energy. A Canon digital camera - I love taking backstage pictures and portraits. Two tennis balls in a sock - I take them everywhere so I can massage my glutes. Spare plastic bags, USB stick, pencil and a notebook, which my wife got me. I get inspired and write down ideas for how to express something on stage. Flyers for the dance company - I try to distribute them to friends and leave them in places. Mini laptop, mobile phone with MP3 player - I do like gadgets but they have to have a reason. Painkillers for old injuries, aches and hangovers.

    Where did you get your bag?
    Mandarina Duck. I bought it from Harrods because of the choice there, and they have very good sales. I got it about a year ago.

    What do you look for in a bag?
    Practicality - it needs to be very light. It doesn't need to have bells and whistles and all that. This one is very versatile: you can use it over the shoulder, carry it by the handle, use it as a rucksack, or you can strap it to a suitcase. It weighs nothing.

    Dermot O'Leary
    TV presenter

    What's in your manbag?
    Diary and notebook, pen, lip balm - thanks to the petroleum base I now feel weirdly addicted to it - water, Empire magazine - I seem to read about films rather than going to see them. I always have a Harry Morgan's plastic bag in there, too, which I try to re-use. And a phone, though I'm not a big technology boy.

    Where did you get your bag?
    I've got a little collection now. My favourite bag is a Liberty one, which I got a couple of years ago for Christmas. It's dark olive and has a brown leather strap and trim. It's just got two big handles - so it's carried through the arm and over the shoulder. There is one zip compartment for change and the aforementioned lip balm.

    Could you cope without the bag?
    No. The other day I went out without it and it was like forgetting your mobile or having the stabilisers taken off your bike when you are a kid - you can do it but it doesn't feel right.

    How do you feel about the term manbag?
    I think we should embrace it - I like it. There's not enough in fashion that guys can own.

    Have you ever had a hard time from anyone for carrying a bag?
    No! I'd take issue with anyone that gave me a hard time for having a bag.

Men's Messenger Bags for All Fashionable Men

By Corwin Smith

Fashion is always related to women, whether it is their wardrobe or their accessories. Like the changing fashion trends, this concept has changed too. The men of 21st century are becoming equally fashionable and fashion conscious like their women counterparts. Men's fashion has jumped leaps and bounds and has come to such a level that some of the biggest brand and names are concentrating on fashion trends exclusively for the men. From Paris to London, New York to Tokyo, all hail some of the best in men's fashion and trend. From the clothes, accessories to even some men's messenger bags, all are gathering variety and creating an immense interest amongst the men folk.

Today no one can think of leaving the house dressed in a matter-of-fact kind of mindset. The world and the demands have changed. From the corporate sector to the fashion sector, everyone is concentrating on his or her PR qualities and personalities. Competition is increasing and to survive, one has to develop a strong personality. The exterior look adds a lot to a person's quality and this aspect has been realized by the men, who want to strike the best deal and accomplish success.

The messenger bags for men are no longer a piece to carry laptop and other important materials. These bags have acquired a symbol and status of fashion. The messenger bags for men are more in vogue today and they have been and are being improvised related to designs and utility factor. These bags are carried by the urban men, who want to look cool and svelte at the same time. These bags are available in various styles and designs. You can carry a messenger bag to your college or even to an important corporate meeting. The designs differ, allowing every kind of man to choose one as per his tastes and needs.

Most of the messenger bags for the men are unique in style, having many pouches and long straps to be carried on one shoulder or sling it across. The bags are available in so many styles, designs, colors and brands that it can give competition to the women's bag and fashion. The demand for these bags is so high that more and more improvisation and uniqueness is being added to this aspect of men's fashion trends.

Today the men's messenger bags are more sophisticated, uber cool and useful at the same time. You can avail one as per your desire because the bags are manufactured in various materials, from leather, cotton to canvas. They are convenient, feasible and fashionable that provides an edge to your outfit or look.

I hope the men have got the right 'message' from these messenger bags, as far as, being fashionable is concerned!

The briefcase is dead. Long live the man purse!

The newly revamped Wall Street Journal helps its aging readers get with it.

Searching unsuccessfully for a briefcase for her husband, hapless New York reader G.N. seeks counsel from Journal fashion reporter Teri Agins:

I had a really hard time trying to find anything, let alone something that I liked. Are briefcases ‘out of style’ now, especially since laptop cases have become more popular?”

Agins bears the bad news gracefully: Madame, the briefcase is dead.

Demand for hard-sided briefcases has plummeted in the past 20 years. And while leather-goods specialists such as Levenger, Tumi and Hartmann still offer a limited selection of classic briefcases and attachés, they say such cases are now purchased mainly by men over 50 years old. Crouch & Fitzgerald, which has been selling all kinds of business cases since 1839, says it currently stocks only about 14 boxy attachés, down from 100 about 15 years ago.

What’s taken their place among most of the 49-and-under guy crowd? Why, “laptop-friendly” cases, Agins euphemistically tells us; “soft-sided,” “multipurpose” bags. Messenger bags.

Why won’t she just come out and say it? Something with a strap. Laptops are just too darn heavy to be carried in a case that doesn’t have one.

Alas, Agins doesn’t single out the strap, and won’t use the “P” word. But we will. We know what she’s really talking about.

If the Wall Street Journal is truly looking for a faster-paced format to match its newly slimmed-down page size, it might offer readers a quicker, less circuitous summary: “Lady, ditch the briefcase. Get your man a purse.

Zach Galifianakis man-pursing while half in the bag-pursing-while-half-in-the-bag

Zach Galifiankis of “The Hangover” sports some stylish over-the-shoulder apparel after tying one on. Its zipper-up leather pocket looks just the right size for a flask. Also, “Indian Jones wears one.”