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Distressed Full Grain Leather

Men like a rugged, scarred, and wrinkled leather. We've searched over 300 vendors across the planet to find the most beautifully "worn in" leather bags. This leather posesses a distressed look that is highly sought by men.  Full grain "cowboy" "crazy horse" or saddleback leather is a thick type of pull-up leather often used on horse saddles and work boots. It is designed to protect and last in extreme conditions. Oil is applied under pressure at high temperature to achieve a rugged finish.  Crazy Horse leather is ideal for men who like want a more masculine, rugged looking bag that holds up well in moist or dry climates. After years of wear, this bag will have a distressed leather look and become quite flexible, yet maintain its protective nature. 

Cowboy leather can be described as:

  • Worn-in or Rugged
  • Sturdy
  • Protective
  • Scarred
  • Perfect for Bags
We've inspected 200 cowboy leather bags from Florence to Shanghai so we can give you the best selection based on quality, style, availability, production process, and of course price. Only half passed our inspection. We present to you our Cowboy Leather Line-up!