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​12 types of modern man bags

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The man bag has been reborn due to necessity. Men are carrying man backs for all sorts of reasons today – for work, school, to carry their essentials, look more fashionable, etc. given the many uses of the modern man back today I think it’s necessary to update our list of the kinds of bags men carry. So here is a quick graphic and summary.

  • The briefcase – this is the bag your dad carried. Designed for the 9-to-5 man, this roomy bag is perfect for daily office essentials such as laptop, portfolio, magazines, pens and papers. It comes in either soft or hard shell and geared primarily to protect the cargo. It normally sports a heavy carry handle as caring by hand is the preferred form of transport. Today’s briefcases or attaché cases as theirs called, are looking less like our fathers and more like a bag weepy prior to carry on the weekends as well.
  • The tote – the tote is a softer longer bag usually made of soft leather or canvas. Its strength is large tote handles and a wide and deep open mouth. This gives the bag easy access and finding your things forward daily on the move shopping or weekend activities.
  • The messenger bag – the messenger bag is typically what people think of when they hear “man bag”. It comes in the most different types of forms and function, but typically is characterized by the rectangular or boxy soft bag with large over flat. It gets its name from the past use as a male carrying bag worn across the body. It is a favorite bag by students, cyclists, general commuters, and now even as a carry-on bag. It sports a long shoulder strap sometimes with a grip pad. This bag is normally worn across the body or over the shoulder.
  • The duffel – the duffel bag is a large soft bag used to carry items for longer trips. It is a heavy-duty bag typically made of canvas, leather, or nylon. It is characterized by a oversized main compartment with top zipper closure sometimes extended to allow easier access. This bag is usually associated with the old military duffel bag because it is sometimes used for extended travels. This is the largest man bag.
  • The weekender – the weekender is a smaller than duffel bag larger than most other bags. As the name implies, it is used for weekend length trips. This bag is usually a soft bag with roomy cargo space and large top opening with zipper. It is also characterized by heavy dual tote handles. This bag comes with an optional shoulder strap in most cases.
  • The barrel – the barrel bag is similar to a weekend or duffel bag except its main compartment is shaped like a barrel. It is a soft bag made of canvas or leather or nylon with oversized tote handles and a top zippered opening. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap. This is a bag commonly used for the gym or short excursions.
  • The sack – the sack is a minimalist bag. It is made of soft cloth or nylon to keep it light. It typically has a drawstring opening, one compartment, and then or string like shoulder straps that allow it to be carried as a backpack. These bags are perfect for quick shopping trips or the need to carry something very small. They are also great as half-day bags that can be stuffed into luggage or even a weekend back.
  • The backpack – the backpack has been around since the Neanderthal. It is simply a bag with shoulder straps. Today’s backpacks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and uses. But the main characteristic is the bag is to be worn on the back supported by shoulder straps. These bags have evolved substantially in the last 50 years. Now backpacks, and all sorts of varieties such as military tactical, fashionable leather, retro canvas, and minimalist. Newer versions of the backpack include a convertible&. These new styles can be switched between backpack or single shoulder strap bag.
  • The bowling – this bag looks like a bowling bag. Made of semi-stiff material such as heavy canvas or thick leather, this bag is made to be strong and sturdy. It normally sports to oversized tote handles and a large zippered opening with wide mouth. This bag is ideal when you need protection for your heavier items.
  • The satchel – the satchel is a smaller bag made of leather or canvas usually. It is the bag that has become more popular due to its smaller size. It’s also one of the more fashionable types of bags you can find today. These bags came from the need to carry the modern-day essentials such as phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses. This bag is typically just big enough to carry a small tablet but small enough to not the obtrusive or heavy. These bags calm in zipper top or flap cover and large shoulder strap that is normally worn over the shoulder or across the body. Bigger phones and electronic devices have pushed the popularity of this bag in recent years. When most people think of man bag, this is what comes to mind.
  • The Fanny pack – the Fanny back is a bag that is made of canvas or leather with a ergonomic shape designed to be worn around the waist. Like the satchel, this pack has become more popular due to the need to carry our phones, keys, cash. It is a convenient bag sometimes light on looks. As those who wear a Fanny pack will attest, this bag makes it very easy to access your items as their perched just under your waist.
  • The Murse – the murse a word created by combining purseand man or “man purse”. Sometimes used as a pejorative term, the Murse has ironically created much awareness of today’s modern man needing more cargo options. That said, the murse normally refers to a bag more fashion or feminine qualities. These bags are normally smaller like the satchel with emphasis on looks over utility.

And that’s it! These are the bags we normally see in today’s world. But like any need in changing times, the man bag will continue to evolve. All the bags mentioned here are transforming and looking more similar to one another every year. This is a good thing. As you move into the future with our changing needs to carry more types of items for more types of travel, the man bag will continue to adapt and rise to the challenge. Long live the man bag!